Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I can not believe my baby started preschool today! I know parents always say... it seems like yesterday we drove 15 mph home from the hospital with him but it is so true! Brayden was so excited and I hate to admit it but was NOT SAD AT ALL when I left his classroom! He did ask me this morning if I would set the timer so I would remember to come get him from school!! Brayden is going to Discover Corner Preschool in our neighborhood and Miss Dawn is his 1st teacher. I love her theory on learning.... "Play is a Child's Work"! We are looking forward to a fun year! And I think Jack is excited to have some one on one time with mom... I know mom is!!!

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Billy and Nicole said...

I am so excited for Brayden starting school, Miss Dawn is awesome. I can't believe how big and smart your "baby" is!!! I LoVe It!!!

Hilary said...

The thing that makes me sad about preschool is that Bridger and Brayden are in different classes. Bridger doesn't know any of the kids in his class but he doesn't seem to mind, thank heavens!
Way to go Brayden! So smart to remind mom to set the timer, good thinking!
15 mph home from the hospital, SO TRUE!

Keri said...

Hey Erin! I'm glad I got your blog address! Your boys are completely adorable!!

Kelli said...

Hey Tannahills! It's the Bartons in Richfield. I found your blog through Katie. I was so happy to get updated on what you're up to! Blogging is so great for that. It looks like your little Jack is doing great. His helmet is just too cute. And I can't believe Brayden is old enough for school. Time flies too fast. They are both so cute. Glad to hear things are going well! I'd send you our blog too (it's private) but I don't think we have the right e-mail address for you guys. In fact, I think I tried a year ago when I started blogging. Let me know. Ours is Talk to you soon!

The Pedersen Haus said...

Congrats on the first day Brayden! You are SO big!!! Our blogs back up and running so you can see Hinckley first day too. She sure does miss you!