Monday, August 22, 2011

BeAr LaKe 2011

YAY for our trip to Bear Lake!!! We LOVE it and look forward to it all summer! This year was so much fun!! The water is higher than its been in 20+ years and it comes right up to our cabin :) On Friday Jack was in the water for 4 1/2 hours and Brayden and Miles played for 6 hours STRAIGHT in the water! On day two the boys only came out of the water for a 5 minute break to eat and were back playing on the beach for 7 HOURS!! We loved seeing our family and eating lots of yummy food! We are already looking forward to next year when JT can come and UNCLE ZACH :) :) :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

1st GRADE!!!

We can't believe Brayden started 1st GRADE today!!! We thought that if we played really hard this summer that this day would never come.... but it did :( Brayden was a little nervous but as soon as he saw his buddies at the bus stop he was super excited! I did let myself be sad for today but now I am going to LOVE every minute of my Jack time! Brayden of course had a great day and the first thing he told us when he got home was what he ate for lunch and that he got to play on the "big kids" playground!!! We are looking forward to what this new school year brings and hoping for another awesome year at Butterfield Canyon!!

**walking to the bus stop**

**Brayden got out of line TWICE to give Jack and I kisses**

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


We had our annual Lagoon day last week and it was the funnest year yet!! The boys are at such fun ages that we really get to ride the rides ALL day!! Brayden and Jack are both just like their Dad and FeArLeSs when it comes to going on the big roller coasters! Brayden and JT rode every ride and Brayden is already looking forward to next year!! My favorite part about Lagoon this year was JT and I SECRETLY went back two days later on our bounce back passes for a day date!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Road Trip!!

This Summer has been crazy busy for Jeremy so the boys and I decided to brave the drive to San Diego WITHOUT him!!! Thankfully Aunt Sabrina rode along with us! We had such and easy ride down and back that I'm already planning our next trip :) Brayden and Jack where in HeAvEn all week playing with their cousins on the beach, jumping on the trampoline, having water balloon fights and water gun battles!! We also went down to the Mormon Battalion Museum (if anyone ever gets a chance to go... GO) it was a highlight of the trip for sure! The church has done such an amazing job making the entire museum interactive and kid friendly that my boys STILL can not stop talking about it! Their favorite part was panning for "gold" at the end of the tour! Thank you Hansen Family for a wonderful week!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

FaRm CoUnTrY

Let the AdVeNtUrEs begin!!! The boys and I went to "Farm Country" at Thanksgiving Point and LOVED it!! It's such a fun time of year to go see all the baby animals! We fed the cows and ducks, went on a wagon ride, rode horses and had a picnic in the sunshine!! It was a good day!!

Jack was NOT loving the "big" cows...... haha!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


It's official.... SUMMER BREAK has started!! Brayden finished his kindergarten year with flying colors earning his Brilliant Bobcat Award and being on the Honor Roll!! We are so proud of all of his hard work this year!! Brayden and Jack have started a list of FUN adventures they want to go on this summer..... and can't wait to get started!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Brayden only has 7 more days of kindergarten!!! He had his end of the year program this week and it was adorable!! The theme was "freedom isn't free" so the kids all sang patriotic songs and where dressed in red, white and blue!! Our favorite part of the program was at the beginning when the teachers introduced each child by saying who their hero was..... Brayden of course said his Dad because "he fights the bad guys on the battlefield to keep us safe"!! This school year has been such a wonderful experience for Brayden he can't wait to be a "big" 1st grader!!

Brayden with his teacher Miss Cook!