Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St.Patty's Day in the SUNSHINE!!!

Mom and the boys celebrated St. Patrick's Day playing in the sunshine!! We have been waiting for a warm enough day to go feed the ducks and play at the park and today was the day!!! It was 60 degrees up at our house this afternoon and we couldn't get to the park fast enough!!!

I have been really curious to see how Jack would do at the park!?! And as always Jack doesn't seem to think he is any different then the rest of the kids playing!! You would never know he has NO feeling below his knees because he is climbing up everything and standing every chance he gets!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!


The Colemans said...

How fun!! I know what you mean about not getting there fast enough. We have been on walks the last two days. It makes me so anxious for summer. Next time you come visit your dad call me and maybe we could go play at the park together :)

The Smith Family said...

That is so awesome! I love how Jack is doing! He's a boy for sure! Nothing is going to stop him!
It's fun keeping in touch through blogs! :)

Nate and Suzanne said...

Hey You,
Let's get our kids together and play or go to lunch we live right by each other...
Give me a call

zxevans said...

Love these pics way cute! :D