Sunday, September 20, 2009

Time Out For Women!!!

What an amazing weekend!! I had the chance to spend the last few days with some of the most influential women in my life!! We went to the Time Out For Women conference put on by Deseret Book! 2 years ago we went to Boise and this year we went up to USU in Logan!! I absolutely LOVE being uplifted by messages of hope!! We spent the weekend laughing, crying and being inspired to be better women!! Mission accomplished!! I have a renewed attitude towards being a mother and wife! This year the presenters focused on the "certainty that comes when you know life's truths".... it was just what I needed!! What an amazing thing to be surrounded by hundreds of women who are all striving to do better in their lives.. its a powerful thing to be apart of!! Thank you for the perfect weekend ladies... Love you!!

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Sylvia said...

Sounds like TONS of FUN something every Mom and Wife needs is a little push every once in awhile. You look so Cute in this picture I LOVE your hair.