Monday, April 13, 2009

The Before....

I thought I would take a few pictures of Jack's little feet before his big surgery on Wednesday! I am having a harder time than I thought with the idea that Jack's cute, crooked feet that are so him... will be no more! I am so excited that Jack will be able to start standing on his "new" straight feet but I am definitely going to miss the feet he was born with! We have said it all along that Jack is our family's little miracle and this week will be no different! We truly feel so blessed to be living in a time when modern medicine is so advanced and Jack has the opportunity to take advantage of the latest and greatest the medical world has to offer him!! We will keep you all updated on how are little guy does this week..... thanks for your thoughts and prayers!!


This is the official blog for Team Messick said...

Those are the cutest little crooked feet! Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Good luck and be brave little Jackers!(and Erin)
- the messicks

The Colemans said...

Good Luck with the surgery, and Congrats on the new house. We still need to get together sometime when things aren't so crazy for the both of us.

Mike and Camie Buckwalter said...

Good luck with the surgery.

Hilary said...

good luck! let me know if you need anything.

kellyballard said...

hang in there today - just visited another friend who was up there friday for her daughters hip surgery. so grateful we have that place. love you!!!

Jenny said...

It was so great seeing you and meeting Jeremy he is so awesome, I think him and Scott will hit it off just like we did. Jack is so darling and I don't know what is is about these kids but they have the sweetest spirits about them. We are the LUCKIEST parents. When you look at my blog go through older posts and I have some pics of Britton right after surgery. I hope you had a great night at primaries I can't believe 2 count them 2 recliners (so jealous)
We have to get together when Jack is up to it so call me. Maybe we'll see each other at Dr.Stotts
Love ya all,
Scott, Jenny and Britton

This Is Our Heaven.... said...

I know that you have NO idea who I am. My name is Aubre and Jeremy was my neighbor across the street in Ferron when I was just a little girl. You guys have such a beautiful family!!!!

If you could just pass this along to Jeremy and tell him I said hi please and that my parent's say hi as well, that would be so much appreciated. =O) I hope the surgery goes well for your little guy!! He sure is a cutie!