Thursday, February 12, 2009

January at a glance!!

I never thought I would see the day when I went an entire month without updating the blog.... it just goes to show you what happens when life gets in the way!! We have had a CRAZY BUSY January and are counting to have a CRAZY BUSY February!! In January we were able to take a trip to Denver to go watch 2 basketball games!! We have some close friends that I grew up with that shared their COURTSIDE tickets with Jeremy and I!! It truly was one of the coolest things that we have been able to do together..... Jeremy says he can die a happy man!! Thank you Garrett, Katie and Dessiree for playing with the boys so we could go to the games!

We also have celebrated Brayden's 4th Birthday on the 31st of January! I can not believe I have a 4 YEAR OLD!!! We had a fun little party at the bowling alley with his friends and of course a Transformers Birthday cake!!! Happy Birthday Brayden!
Just when we thought the month couldn't get any more crazy..... we sold our house!! YIPPEE!!!! So it is good bye Lehi hello Herriman for the Tannahill's!! We are really excited for something new!!


Brittany said...

Cute blog!!! I finally know where you are moving to-Herriman:) Not too bad!! Good luck-see you on fb:)

The Colemans said...

I did not know you were moving!!!! Herriman? My prego brain is having a brain fart, is that Ogdenish? I guess we are still on for the 21 right? I don't know if you have an invite yet but Alysha is having a baby shower and then we figured we could just do lunch/dinner afterwards sound good? And Happy Birthday on the 17th (right?) 26 is getting old!!!

Suzy said...

We'll miss you!

kellyballard said...

thanks for playing the other night - I NEEDED SOME OF YOU! miss you tons and can't wait for all the good stuff to be in its place so you can relax in that RAD place!