Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jackson Hole!

Jeremy and I were able to get away without the little ones this weekend!! For any of you who are parents, you know what a BIG DEAL that is! We planned a trip up to Jackson Hole because neither of us have been up there before! We are hooked! The town of Jackson Hole is so much fun ( even on the "off season"). We spent the weekend sight seeing, shopping, eating and most of all relaxing! The Teton Mountains are absolutely beautiful! We drove up to Jenny Lake and other than the BEAR warnings posted EVERYWHERE... had a good time hiking around! It was a perfect little getaway! I think the boys enjoyed being spoiled by the Grandparents as much as we loved letting them be!!


MillerTime said...

Cute pics!! Looks like you guys had a great time!! I am so jealous!

Amber said...

Very cute pictures. I am so glad you had a great time and enjoyed Jackson. You'll forever be itching to get back there. Love ya.

MillerTime said...

Are you sure you went to Jackson Hole? From the pictures, oh sorry I am blogging I should say pics, it looks like you guys went to Emery County and stayed at the little hotel on top of the gas station. Wow!? You don't see me going to Parowan and claiming to be going to Aspen! "I don't know Harry the French are A Holes!' Did you guys drive the black hawk or go with a more traditional car? I got really confused when I saw the "PIC" of Erin in front of Big Foot! I swear it looked just like one of your guys wedding pictures. Erin looked beautiful and she was standing in front of a really tall, lurpy guy! You put a uniform on that guy and he looks just like JT. It confused the hell out of me! Oh well you say potatoe and I say potatoe. Crap, it doesn't have the same affect when you type that phrase.
Love You Guys!
WMM forever!

The Barton's said...

So glad you went on a littlr weekend get-away. Darling pics! Sure hope things are going well for you! Loves

Nate and Suzanne said...

So much fun you guys are way too cute always doing something fun... I need to get away I wish I was brave enough to leave my kiddos but the poor grandparents would know it before we got back... How fun!!!

Hilary said...

Crap, I just downed a king size candy bar while watching your slide show. Great, how am I supposed to get Zac to take me on a fun getaway if I look like a lard! Great pics by the way.
That is really great that you two got to take off like that. Seriously, therapy for marriages. I want one/need one!
Love your coat Erin! Call me when you're not so busy and we can do dinner k.

Suzy said...

How fun! I love jackson hole. And you look very cute in a cowboy hat!