Saturday, September 6, 2008

Go Army!!

Last night Erin and I (Yes, this is JT's 1st Blog entry) went to the 97th Aviation Troop Commands Annual Dinning out. It was a great night all around. Erin finally found a dress that she loved and even after a last minute sprint to Ft. Douglas to get part of my uniform the night turned out great! I must say that Erin was absolutely GORGEOUS! She was perfect in every way last night. It is always fun to spend time with fellow soldiers who are war buddies. Even with all the camaraderie with the soldiers the night really is about spending time with our spouses who hold the military family together! This is Erin now.... the night was so fun! I love being able to get all dressed up and feel so girlie! Cpt. Tannahill was so handsome in his Dress Blues and made the night so special! GO ARMY!


Amber said... guys look fabulous! Loving your dress! You look absolutely beautiful! I'm so happy that you guys got to get all dressed up and have a romantic night out together. It's always fun to see your spouse looking so dang good! I love you guys. Thanks for sharing this post. Great first post Jeremy! You should keep them's nice to hear a husbands perspective once in awhile.

Hilary said...

Love that dress! Cute post JT. I agree with Amber - keep em coming.
You two are so perfect together. Lookin' GOOD!

Billy and Nicole said...

You both look awesome! Im glad you had a good night together!!!

The Pedersen Haus said...

look at the HOT babe!!! Erin you're fabulous! I'm glad you're night was so good.

MillerTime said...

Hey guys it's the Millers!! Actually just Tammi. Cute blog!!! You guys look amazing in these pics!! We miss you tons ... well, I do!! :-)

The Barton's said...

Wow! You guys look Fantastic! Erin, Love the dress and hair! Jeremy, she makes YOU look good! Nothing better than having "Barbie" hanging on your arm eh?!? You guys look great! Glad you had a nice night!
Love you both!

Mike and Camie Buckwalter said...

You look so pretty. You look like you had so much fun.

Camie(Nicole's friend)